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Coverfields has been sowing the seeds of change in global sustainable agricultural practices for more than ten years. Under its former OneCrop banner, the company began manufacturing biodegradable mulch films in response to the world-wide ecological crisis caused by the widespread use of plastic films in agriculture, particularly in China.

Coverfields about Coverfields
Coverfields about Coverfields

“Our goal is to revolutionize agricultural practices by creating a high quality, certified organic film that performs for a specified time, without compromising on results.”

Andrew Logan, CEO, Coverfields

about coverfields – our past, present, and future.

Take a look at Coverfields’ timeline to learn more about Coverfields’ evolution and to fully appreciate the growth from a small Australian agtech business to becoming leading global agricultural film manufacturers and distributors.


OneCrop commenced development of degradable mulch films.


Began commercially selling degradable agricultural mulch film in China, USA and in Australia.


First Norseman TechniPlant FL planter using customized agricultural film-layer rolled out in Australia and USA.

  • Winner of Future Food Asia Awards Singapore for innovation in the agri-food value chain.
  • Twynam Investments invests in OneCrop Series A round.

First USA hemp crops planted under OneCrop agricultural mulch film.


OneCrop establishes joint venture with Jinan Xinsan Bioplastics for custom manufacturing and compounding of agricultural mulch films.

  • OneCrop switches to 100% certified biodegradable and organic mulch films for cropping.
  • Twynam Investments takes majority stake in OneCrop.
  • OneCrop becomes Coverfields, an agtech development and distribution company, focused on early-stage cropping supplying customized mulch films globally.