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customizable mulch films

Coverfields customizable mulch films can be tailored to the size, thickness and format to suit soil type, climate, and crop rotations – and custom-fitted to every machine.

Coverfields is a global leader in manufacturing and distributing the premium biodegradable mulch film it has successfully developed over the past ten years. While that’s unique, there are other exceptional features that set Coverfields apart in terms of its customer benefit.

Coverfields manufactures customizable mulch films – so its rolls of biodegradable mulch film are manufactured to our clients’ exact specifications. This is a huge advantage for both commercial farmers and manufacturers of planter film layer machinery.

Coverfields can even customize the slits that allow the seedling to slip through the film. Planter film layer machinery, such as Norseman Machinery, is now able to match the seed to the slits for highly efficient planting and to optimize outcomes in early season agricultural planting.

Coverfields customizable mulch films

“Having the capabilities to custom manufacture film to our individual orders is a huge advantage for our business”

Michael Freeman, Norseman Machinery

“We work across many locations and several different crops, so customization and tailored manufacturing is critical for us. Our relationship with Coverfields has been an integral part of our growth in global markets,” Michael Freeman adds.

Manufacturing Customizable Mulch Films

Under its former OneCrop name, the company began manufacturing biodegradable mulch films to help address the world-wide ecological crisis caused by the widespread use of plastic films in agriculture, particularly in China where it is known as ‘white pollution.’

In response to this issue, Coverfields developed a high quality, certified organic film that performs for a specified time, without compromising on results. Coverfields customization extends to adjusting its biodegradation times from 30 to 120 days.

Coverfields’ biodegradable mulch film is accredited by the recognized certification body, TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium, with the highest possible level of biodegradability. TUV is the world leader in the certification of products in the bioplastics market and all compostable, biodegradable, and biobased products.

“I think what gives us the leading edge is a combination of three things: our pedigree in agricultural technology, our in-depth farming knowledge and our commercial focus,” says Andrew Logan, CEO, Coverfields.

“Our aim is to deliver custom-made, cost-effective biodegradable mulch film solutions that achieve the best possible outcomes for customers large and small, across a range of crops. We know it’s not enough for you to break even; you want your business to make a profit, and our product and service is there to help make that happen.”

“And when you enjoy business growth using sustainable agricultural practices, it’s a win all round,” he adds.

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