machine manufacturers.

100% customised.
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100% organic.

Coverfields partners with manufacturers of planter film layer machinery throughout the world to customize its biodegradable mulch film to specific machinery. We can also tailor our film to the size and thickness required, to suit soil type, regional climate and crop rotations, even adjusting its biodegradation times from 30 to 120 days using our groundbreaking agricultural mulch film technology.

Coverfields mulch film for planter film layer machinery
customizing for machine manufacturers.

Coverfields has developed the capabilities to customize film to specific planter film layer machinery.

Coverfields has established a solid reputation with manufacturers by producing highly customizable, mulch film for planter film layer machinery internationally. In particular, our long-term partners at Norseman Machinery will vouch for the lengths we go to deliver bespoke biodegradable mulch film solutions. Coverfields’ films were on board when the first combined seed planter and film laying machine rolled out in 2017. Since then, we’ve developed our customization capabilities to all mulch-laying machinery in many countries, diverse climates and covering a variety of crops.


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“Having the capabilities to custom manufacture film to our individual orders is a huge advantage for our business. We work across many locations and several different crops, so customisation and tailored manufacturing is critical for us. Our relationship with Coverfields has been an integral part of our growth in global markets.”

Michael Freeman, Norseman Machinery
Toowoomba, Australia

Coverfields mulch film for planter film layer machinery

Our partnerships extend to investing in farming businesses, cropping technology startups and more.

Coverfields mulch film for planter film layer machinery

transparent by nature.

Just like our quality biodegradable mulch film, Coverfields’ business operations are always clear and clean; we talk as straight as you plant. We sell by the roll, tonne or the container load, quoting for the way in which you want our mulch film supplied. Each order is custom made to your specifications and always delivered at the best price possible. With our friendly and direct Australian approach, our professional team will always be happy to work with you to tailor the precisely the right solution for your economic and agricultural needs.