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Coverfields highest level of biodegradability accreditation

As leaders in agricultural technology, Coverfields has developed mulch film that is fully biodegradable, leaving no trace on the earth and zero chemical residue. Coverfields’ biodegradable mulch film is accredited by the recognized certification body, TUV AUSTRIA Belgium, with the highest possible level of biodegradability. TUV is the world leader in certification of products in the bioplastics market and all compostable, biodegradable and biobased products.

what is biodegradability certification? 

The highest level of biodegradability certification is called OK Compost Home, a rating that guarantees complete biodegradability following TUV’s stringent testing and meeting all technical requirements. Coverfields’ film has achieved this certification as its biodegradable mulch film breaks down so quickly, in a maximum of 120 days and a minimum of 30 days after planting under film.

“Achieving this TUV accreditation assures our customer that 
they are using the most sustainable biodegradable mulch film available with the lowest environmental impact.”

Why is an agtech business accredited with the word ‘home’ in its certification? OK Compost Home is a superior biodegradability rating to an Industrial accreditation, as it means that the film breaks down without needing an industrial compost unit which biodegrades at higher temperatures. OK Compost HOME includes products that compost at lower temperatures, so they could even be used in a compost heap in your garden at home.

As global industry and agriculture takes increasingly take positive steps toward sustainable solutions, it’s important that international standards are set and that biodegradability claims are genuine. TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium has assumed the role of recognized market regulator and stimulator. TUV certifications provide clarity and authenticity for the consumer; seeing the TUV logo, they can immediately recognize an independently certified product. 

The use of biodegradable mulch film rather than plastic film, is now common practice with the majority of our customers, film-laying machine manufacturers and commercial farmers in North America, Asia and Australia.

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